"Mid-month I'm usually worried about not having enough food for my children. But now, I'm not worried."

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"A few months ago an unexpected bill almost dropped my credit score. But with OrbisPay, I could access my wage in advance and cover it."

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"I was skeptical at first. But having full control on when I get paid, on my terms, is amazing."

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Why us

The Payday loan industry has ruled long enough

Using our app provides numerous benefits for employees that can help simplify and streamline access to your payroll. Through our app, you can have greater control and flexibility over your finances. This means that if you work a day, you can easily and quickly get the money you have earned the very next day.

Full control of your Payroll

You should be able to control when you get paid, for your earned wages. Whether you are a gig worker or a salaried employee, you don't need to rack on debts when you are waiting on the money you already worked and earned.

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Emergency Expenses?

We get it, things happen. You should be able to access your earned wages to cover those emergency expenses too.

With our app, you can access your funds whenever you need it, and get paid as normal at the end of your pay cycle.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to the burning questions in your mind.

Does this affect my salary?
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If you get an advance from your salary, then the remaining amount is left untouched. You will be able to get the rest as per normal.

Does OrbisPay charge interest for the app?
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No. There is one low flat fee per transaction, regardless of the amount.

How can I receive my funds?
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You can link a card for an instant transfer and/or your bank account for a next business day transfer.

When are my worked hours updated?
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Your shift hours are updated automatically for next day access.

I'm a gig worker. Can I still use the app?
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Of course! We work with a variety of companies to give this benefit to their employees, and serve all workers equally.