"Mid-month I'm usually worried about not having enough food for my children. But now, I'm not worried."

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"A few months ago an unexpected bill almost dropped my credit score. But with OrbisPay, I could access my wage in advance and cover it."

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"I was skeptical at first. But having full control on when I get paid, on my terms, is amazing."

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Say Goodbye to Payday Loans

Break free from the cycle of payday loans and take control of your financial well-being. Explore the benefits of on-demand pay and embrace a smarter, more sustainable approach to managing your finances.

Payday, Every Day!

You work hard every day, but you still have to wait for payday before you can use that money. We get it. That's why OrbisPay offers on-demand pay, so you can access your earned wages instantly whenever you need them. With us, every day can be a payday.

Stay Prepared for Unexpected Expenses

Life happens. Access your earned wages to cover emergency expenses with our app. Get your funds whenever you need them, and receive your regular pay at the end of your pay cycle.

Hear it from Our Users

Don't just take our word for it.
"I didn't know about on-demand pay until I was introduced to OrbisPay... now I don't know what I would do without it."
OrbisPay User
Since 2022
"I have used the app for the past few months and I like having access to my wages early."
OrbisPay User
Since 2021
"OrbisPay has come in clutch for me, getting me out of some tight spots at the beginning of the month."
OrbisPay User
Since 2023
"I was really happy when my employer announced we would be partnering with an on-demand pay provider. I have been asking for this since last year."
OrbisPay User
Since 2022
"Access to my money helped me make the decision to stay at my job."
OrbisPay User
Since 2022
"If I had to guess I'd say OrbisPay is one of my top ten most used apps."
OrbisPay User
Since 2023
Will this affect my salary?
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If you advance a portion of your salary, the remaining amount stays untouched. You'll receive the rest as usual.

Does OrbisPay charge interest for the app?
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No. This is not a loan. We only charge a small, flat fee per transaction, regardless of the amount.

How can I receive my funds?
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You can link a card for instant transfers or your bank account for next business day transfers.

When are my worked hours updated?
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Your shift hours are automatically updated for next day access.

I'm a gig worker. Can I still use the app?
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Absolutely! We partner with a wide range of companies to offer this benefit to their employees. All workers are welcome.