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QSR & Restaurants

Transform Employee Joy Into

Customer Satisfaction

Instant Financial Flexibility for Your Staff

OrbisPay offers on-demand pay solutions tailored for the fast-paced QSR and Restaurant industry.

Trusted by leading brands


Reduce Staff Turnover Costs

Frequent staff changes can be costly and disrupt your operational flow. By providing financial empowerment through on-demand pay, you can incentivize long-term commitment, reducing hiring and training expenses.


is the average cost to replace an employee in the restaurant sector.


reduction in employee turnover can be achieved by offering earned wage access.

Attract the Best Talent

By offering on-demand pay, you can distinguish your QSR and restaurant from the competition, addressing the current employee shortage in the industry. Attract dedicated employees who value financial control.


of employees consider it important to have access to their wages before the scheduled payday.


faster job filling for listings that mention earned wage access compared to those that don’t.


Streamline Operational Flow

Time is money, especially in the QSR and restaurant world. Integrate OrbisPay seamlessly into your payroll process, reducing administrative overhead and focusing more on delivering quality service quickly.


of employers reported increased efficiency in their payroll process after implementing OrbisPay

Boost Customer Experience

Happy employees translate into a more engaging and productive workforce. By achieving this, customers can enjoy a special experience at your locations.


increase in productivity for happy employees.


Sarah T.

"OrbisPay has been a game-changer for me! Having access to my earned wages before payday has provided much-needed financial flexibility. The app is user-friendly, and the transfers are lightning-fast".

Significantly Reduce Turnover Rates

Offering OrbisPay can reduce the frequent staff changes that disrupt your operational flow.

Why Choose OrbisPay

Faster Hiring

Job listings that mention OrbisPay fill positions more quickly, helping you overcome staffing shortages more efficiently.

Higher Job Satisfaction

Employees with access to their earned wages through OrbisPay report greater job satisfaction, reducing burnout and improving overall morale.

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