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Our Solution allows your employees to instantly access their earnings ahead of their paycheck.
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About OrbisPay

Future Proof your Payroll with OrbisPay

Our mission is to make financial resources accessible to everyone, so they can manage their bills, rent, and unexpected expenses without incurring high costs. By providing innovative products and services, we help businesses retain their employees, improve their productivity, and attract new talent.
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What we do

OrbisPay helps your employees access their earned wages anytime, without incurring additional costs. This improves retention, productivity, and financial resilience for your business. Our flexible solution caters to various employment arrangements and compensation types. Say goodbye to financial stress and hello to a happier, more productive workforce with OrbisPay.
No Risk to Payroll
No Change to your Employee's Direct Deposit Accounts
No Hidden Fees
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Some Industry Stats


of employees agree that finances have been a distraction at work


of employees would switch to a company that cares about financial well-being


employee turnover is due to stress, increasing employer costs.3


of employees said they shouldn't have to wait to get paid for earned wages

Source: PwC 2019

All this at $0 Cost to the Employer

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A Dedicated Solution for Businesses

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What our Clients say about us

We pride ourselves for the care and support we provide to our clients
“Our employees are much happier. I wish I did this sooner.”
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“It is much, much easier to do off-cycle payments. If someone gets a bonus or quits, with this we don't break payroll.”
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Payroll Manager
“OrbisPay providing the money to our employees means that nothing comes out of our pocket. It makes our employees happier with no risk to us.”
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“As a Paychex customer, integrations are important. OrbisPay integrated with our payroll super easily, which gave our employees this much needed benefit.”
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Director, Total Rewards
“Other solutions needed our employees to create new bank accounts. OrbisPay didn't.”
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HR Director
“We should have done this sooner. Using this service was one of the smartest decisions and HR is happy.”
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Vice President, HR

Frequently asked questions

Answers to the burning questions in your mind.

Who fronts the funds to the employees?
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OrbisPay does. At the end of the payroll cycle, you'll send us whatever the employee gained access to and pay the rest to the employee automatically.

Can Salaried Employees use OrbisPay?
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We work with both salaried and gig economy workers, giving you complete freedom on how much of their paycheck you can offer in advance.

What employee information is required?
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We only require employee name, employee ID, and clock-in clock-out information. We are constantly monitoring, auditing, and improving our security systems and adding to our list of certifications to ensure that your data and your employees’ data are safe and secure.

How much does it cost the business?
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The service is completely free. There are no setup or recurring costs for the employers.

How does OrbisPay receive Time and Attendance Data?
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Once the employer is on contract, a file-exchange pathway is determined via SFTP or API integration. OrbisPay is compatible with most payroll and time and attendance systems.

Does OrbisPay charge Interest on the amount accessed?
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Since Orbis Pay does not offer predatory loans or credit services, there is no interest. The cost of using OrbisPay is a flat transaction fee.