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Salary as Flexible as Their Gigs

Instant Financial Flexibility for Your Contractors

Empowering independent contractors and freelancers is crucial for business success. OrbisPay's on-demand pay solution helps gig workers achieve financial wellness, enabling them to access their earnings when they need them most.

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Financial stability and flexibility

Gig workers often face unpredictable income streams. On-demand pay allows them to access their earnings when they need them most, helping to manage cash flow and meet immediate financial obligations. 

Improved job satisfaction and loyalty

Workers who have access to real-time payments are more likely to be satisfied with their gig work.


 of surveyed gig workers said they would recommend their gig company to potential workers if offered real-time payment options.

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Competitive advantage in the gig marketplace


of surveyed workers stating they would switch to an alternative gig company that offers real-time payments, providing on-demand pay can help platforms attract and retain top talent in a competitive gig economy.

Reduced financial stress

On-demand pay eliminates the need for gig workers to rely on high-interest payday loans, credit cards, or other costly alternatives to bridge financial gaps between payouts. This can significantly reduce financial stress and improve overall well-being

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Sarah T.

"OrbisPay has been a game-changer for me! Having access to my earned wages before payday has provided much-needed financial flexibility. The app is user-friendly, and the transfers are lightning-fast".

Significantly Reduce Turnover Rates

Offering OrbisPay can reduce the frequent staff changes that disrupt your operational flow.

Why Choose OrbisPay

Easy Integration

We integrate with you own systems, no heavy lifting required. 

Higher Job Satisfaction

Contractors with access to their earned wages through OrbisPay report greater job satisfaction, reducing burnout and improving overall morale.

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