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Boost Productivity and Retention in Manufacturing

Instant Financial Flexibility for Your Staff

In the manufacturing industry, maintaining a skilled and motivated workforce is essential for operational success. High turnover rates and financial stress among employees can disrupt production and affect overall efficiency.

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Financial Wellness, Happy Employees

Manufacturing employees often face unpredictable schedules and unexpected expenses. This can lead to financial stress, impacting morale and overall well-being. With OrbisPay, employees are more engaged, provide better performance, and are less likely to leave for other opportunities.

Attract Young Talent, Secure Your Company’s Future

Millennials and Gen Z prioritize financial flexibility. Traditional bi-weekly pay cycles can be unattractive.

By offering on-demand pay through OrbisPay, you become a more attractive employer. Studies show jobs with OrbisPay receive up to 1.9x more applications!


of employees consider it important to have access to their wages before the scheduled payday.


faster job filling for listings that mention earned wage access compared to those that don’t.

Boost Productivity, Eliminate Payroll Headaches

Financial worries can be a major distraction for employees. Cash advance requests and payroll errors create administrative burdens.

OrbisPay aoutomates the process so you can increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, and a streamlined payroll process.


increase in productivity for happy employees.


of employees say financial worries are a distraction at work.

Improve Employee Morale, Enhance Team Cohesion

When employees feel valued and financially secure, it positively impacts their work and overall team dynamics. Improved morale leads to better collaboration, lower absenteeism, and a more harmonious workplace.

Sarah T.

"OrbisPay has been a game-changer for me! Having access to my earned wages before payday has provided much-needed financial flexibility. The app is user-friendly, and the transfers are lightning-fast".

Significantly Reduce Turnover Rates

Offering OrbisPay can reduce the frequent staff changes that disrupt your operational flow.

Why Choose OrbisPay

Faster Hiring

Job listings that mention OrbisPay fill positions more quickly, helping you overcome staffing shortages more efficiently.

Higher Job Satisfaction

Employees with access to their earned wages through OrbisPay report greater job satisfaction, reducing burnout and improving overall morale.

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