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Customer Support

Need help with OrbisPay? We've got you covered. Our customer support page offers answers to frequently asked questions, helpful resources, and access to our live chat.

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Find Cleo in the corner for live chat with our agents and get faster, personalized support. Our page also offers FAQs, resources, and guides.

  • Who can use OrbisPay services?
    All employees are eligible to use OrbisPay services once their employer is enrolled in our program. However, your employer can control who uses the service.
  • How do I access my earnings?
    Once you are signed up with the OrbisPay app, you will be able to view all accessible earnings. You can just work your shifts as usual and then head over to our app anytime to view and access any/all available earnings to you.
  • How much money can I get from OrbisPay?
    By default, all employees can access up to 50% or $500 of their earnings each pay period. The employer can also determine the maximum accessible amount.
  • Do I need to link my bank account and debit card to use OrbisPay services?
    Yes. All employees must link at least one bank account AND a debit card so we can transfer your accessible earnings.
  • Do I have to provide my credit score to use OrbisPay services?
    Not at all. Since OrbisPay is not a lending provider, your credit score is not a determining factor to use our services.
  • How long does it take to access my earnings?
    Money will be deposited instantly to your debit card if you choose the Instant Transfer option, whereas, for Bank Transfers (ACH), it takes 2 business days.
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