Financial resilience at zero cost to you.


Imagine the impact on employees’ well-being

Experience stress-free business growth and leverage increased employee retention, boosted productivity, and higher company savings with the best Wages on-Demand™ solution. We help eliminate the gap between employers and employees with accurate calculations that are easily accessible every day.



of employees agree that finances have been a distraction at work.



of employees would switch to a company that cares about financial well-being.



employee turnover is due to stress, increasing employer cost for hiring & trainings.



of employees said they should not have to wait until their scheduled payday.

One-stop employee-engagement partner

Zero cost

Our Wages on-Demand™ solution is entirely free for employers.

Employee onboarding

Quickly invite or approve new hires and current employees alike.

Access to earnings

OrbisPay fronts the funds to the employees, not the employer.

Easy to use

Simply approve or reject transactions through your OrbisPay dashboard.


Our platform handles all of the

record-keeping and transactions.

Filter & customize

Apply and change parameters based on department, role or salary range.

Working with OrbisPay is easy and efficient


Create your account with us

Our system links with your payroll data to calculate your employees' earnings accurately.


Employee onboarding

We will help you with setting up OrbisPay accounts for your employees along with training and communication.


Employees download OrbisPay app

Employees can now access their earnings. We will handle all deposits, no change in your cash flow.


You're a champion for your employees!

Now that we have taken the financial stress away from you and your employees, work will be more fun.

We keep your data safe and secure

We are constantly monitoring, auditing and improving our security systems and adding to our list of certifications to ensure that your data and your employees’ data is safe and secure.


Payroll integration made simple

We believe our products and services should be accessible and easy to use. The foundation of our platform is best in-class service providers that are pioneers in the security and payments industry.

Lets answer your questions

Who fronts the funds to the employees?

We do. OrbisPay fronts the funds to employees. There is no income or expense impact for the employer.

How much does it cost businesses to offer OrbisPay services?

It is completely free. There are no setup or recurring costs for employers. Employees are charged minimal transaction fees; however, some employers choose to sponsor this cost and offer the services for free to their employees.

What employee information do employers share with OrbisPay?

We only require employee name, employee ID, and clock-in clock-out information. We are constantly monitoring, auditing, and improving our security systems and adding to our list of certifications to ensure that your data and your employees’ data are safe and secure.

How does OrbisPay receive time and attendance data?

Once the employer is on contract, a file-exchange pathway is determined via SFTP or API integration. OrbisPay is compatible with most payroll and time and attendance systems.

Can salaried employees use OrbisPay?

Yes, OrbisPay works for salaried and hourly workers in the same way.


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