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Get your salary as you earn it.

As soon as you’ve completed a day’s work, you’ve earned that day’s salary. Get quick access to cash you’ve earned to pay bills and make needed purchases now.

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Financial wellness

for employees

For many Americans, financial stress is the #1 concern day in and day out. Inability to pay bills on time leads to burdensome late fees, adding yet another strain on finances.


With Orbispay, you can access salary you have already earned, and get extra cash instantly. Learn more.

Orbispay gives you early access to cash as soon as you’ve earned it. Money advanced to you is provided by Orbispay, not by your employer.
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Easy to manage

Orbispay is designed for ease of use for employers and employees alike – from setting limits on access, enabling or disabling early access, to employer sponsorship, or direct employee-based service.

Learn more.

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Automatic, worry-free savings

Orbispay allows you to save for multiple goals, and shows you how to reach them faster and easier. Just set up a deadline and it'll calculate the monthly percentage or amount you need to set aside.

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