Payday should be just as flexible as life itself...

Empower your team with on-demand access to their hard-earned wages at industry-leading rates.

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The On-Demand Pay Solution

OrbisPay is the leading on-demand pay solution for businesses looking to retain and attract top talent.
Instant access to earned wages
OrbisPay enables your employees access to a configurable amount of their earned wages, providing them with greater financial flexibility and control.
No Change to your Employee's Direct Deposit Accounts
OrbisPay works seamlessly with your HCM platform, with no risk to payroll and no change to existing cashflows.
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On-Demand Pay 24/7

On-demand pay empowers your team with instant access to their earned wages through the OrbisPay app. The program can be configured to control the amount and frequency of payouts, providing your team with flexibility and financial stability.
Quick and Easy Setup
Our app is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. Its intuitive interface makes it easy for even first-time users to quickly navigate and access their payroll without delays.
Attract, Retain, and Increase Employee Performance
OrbisPay increases retention by an average of 20%, while improving employee productivity and attracting new talent.
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All this at $0 Cost to the Employer

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What our Clients say about us

We pride ourselves for the care and support we provide to our clients
“Our employees are much happier. I wish I did this sooner.”
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“It is much, much easier to do off-cycle payments. If someone gets a bonus or quits, with this we don't break payroll.”
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Payroll Manager
“OrbisPay fronting the money to our employees means that nothing comes out of our pocket. It makes our employees happier with no risk to us.”
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“As a Paychex customer, integrations are important. OrbisPay integrated with our payroll super easily, which gave our employees this much needed benefit.”
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Director, Total Rewards
“Other solutions needed our employees to create new bank accounts. OrbisPay didn't.”
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HR Director
“We should have done this sooner. Using this service was one of the smartest decisions and HR is happy.”
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Vice President, HR