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Beat the Summer Rush: How EWA Can Attract Top Talent For Private Clubs

EWA for private clubs in America

Summer's on the horizon, and with it comes a surge in activity for private clubs. Warmer weather translates to a surge in membership activity, busier restaurants, and a critical need for additional staff. But in today's competitive job market, attracting qualified workers, especially for temporary positions, can be a challenge for HR departments. This is where Earned Wage Access (EWA) emerges as a powerful tool in your HR tech arsenal.

Challenges of Summer Staffing in the Hospitality Industry

Traditional bi-weekly or monthly payroll cycles can be a major turnoff for seasonal workers, particularly Gen Z who value financial flexibility and instant gratification. Here's where HR software and payroll solutions with EWA capabilities can address common summer staffing challenges:

  • Cutthroat Competition: The hospitality industry is booming, with restaurants, hotels, and resorts vying for the same talent pool. EWA differentiates your club as an employer by offering a sought-after financial wellness benefit.

  • Temporary Positions Don't Attract Top Talent: Many summer jobs are temporary, making it harder to attract committed workers. EWA incentivizes temporary hires by providing them with on-demand access to their earned wages.

  • The Long Wait for Payday Looms Large: The wait for a first paycheck can be a significant financial strain for young adults just starting out. This can deter potential hires. EWA bridges this gap by allowing them to access a portion of their wages before payday.

How EWA Streamlines Hiring and Boosts Retention

EWA empowers clubs to overcome these challenges and build a strong summer workforce. Here's how this innovative HR software solution benefits your club:

  • Attract Top Talent:  By offering EWA, you cater to the financial needs and preferences of Gen Z, a demographic known for valuing on-demand access to funds. This makes your job offer far more attractive compared to competitors who might not provide such a benefit.

  • Reduce Friction in the Hiring Process: EWA simplifies the hiring process by addressing a major pain point for potential employees. Faster access to earned wages translates to a more attractive job offer. Imagine attracting top talent with the promise of immediate access to a portion of their wages. This can significantly reduce your time-to-hire and help you fill open positions quickly.

  • Improve Retention and Boost Morale: Financial security fosters a happier and more engaged workforce. When employees are less stressed about finances, they tend to be more productive, provide better customer service, and stay with the job longer. Reduced stress leads to a more positive work environment, which benefits everyone – your staff, the members, and your club's overall reputation.

Additional Benefits of EWA for Private Clubs

The advantages of EWA extend beyond attracting and retaining top talent. Here's how your club can leverage EWA as part of its HR software and payroll solutions:

  • Reduced Administrative Burden: EWA automates the process of early wage access, freeing up your HR department's valuable time. No need to worry about manually calculating or distributing early wage requests.

  • Improved Cash Flow Management: EWA doesn't affect your payroll cycle, so there's no upfront cost for your club. You simply provide the platform access to your employees, and they handle the rest.

Partner with OrbisPay for a Seamless Summer

By partnering with OrbisPay, your club can leverage the power of EWA to streamline hiring, attract top talent, ensure a smooth summer season, and ultimately, delight your members with exceptional service.

Contact OrbisPay today to learn more about how EWA can give your club a competitive edge in the hiring game and help you make this summer the most successful one yet.



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