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#RealHeroes is an ongoing series highlighting millions of essential workers who keep our economy going despite turbulent times. Every week, we're recognizing all those who showed utter resilience during the times of pandemic and continue to help us navigate through our daily lives by risking themselves to help the community around them.

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Timothy Suokko

Chief of Police
Dublin Police Department (NH)

Officers faced unique challenges in keeping their communities safe and preventing the spread of the COVID-19 while putting their health at risk. Many police officers met increasing stress levels while performing their jobs. Yet, these heroes continued to show resilience and selflessness in helping the people around them.


In his own words, Timothy expressed that "policing requires face-to-face interactions with multiple citizens throughout the day, so adapting patrol work to keep everyone safe while maintaining continuity of police operations has been a challenge." However, that did not deter Timothy from being a savior for many in his mission. Meeting new people and fostering relationships in the community brings Timothy the most joy to perform his role.


We asked Timothy how it makes him feel knowing he helps so many people navigate through their daily lives. He humbly replied that "I wouldn't say we help them get through their daily lives, but we do help them during some of the more challenging days in their lives. Helping others is the reason I chose a career in policing."


To Timothy and many officers like him, we salute you for your service to keep us all safe and protected. Your efforts and contribution to society are essential. Know that we recognize and are inspired by you.

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Kay M. Horiuchi

Assistant Nursing Director
Brigham and Women's Hospital

Kay M. Horiuchi is the Assistant Nursing Director at the Brigham and Women's Hospital. Her role involves prioritizing patient care to ensure timely attention during critical times. She also facilitates transfers of patients to many hospitals, including the Mass General.

During the pandemic, Kay was tasked with the challenging task of coordinating appropriate bed placements for COVID-19 positive patients. Kay shared that "being mindful of the immunocompromised population while also repurposing different hospital areas to accommodate the high acuity and capacity of the organization" was necessary for the well-being of the patients and staff.

"It is rewarding to know that I am entrusted to make high-level decisions that ultimately help patients," shared Kay. Kay is responsible for ensuring that patients receive the proper treatment at the right time, a vital decision for critically ill patients.

Decisions like this help save countless lives, and we couldn't be prouder of people like Kay, who are the real heroes behind the health and well-being of thousands of patients.

Kimo Ranario

Registered Travel Nurse

Kimo Ranario is a registered traveling nurse who manages the care of adult patients in a critical care unit of a hospital or medical center. Like many other frontline workers, Kimo experienced unprecedented work challenges when the pandemic hit.

Like most of the population, Kimo shared that life has been about adjusting to new rules and mandates that affect many aspects of personal life, such as traveling, attending music events, and eating out at restaurants. Kimo shared that the pandemic has caused hospitals to be overwhelmed with patients, which creates a larger burden for the health care workers tasked to care for these patients. As a result, nurse-to-patient ratios have increased, resulting in higher burnout levels for staff members and mental health-related issues among them.

However, our hero Kimo saw this as an opportunity to contribute to his community. We asked Kimo what aspect of his job role gives him the most joy, to which he responded, “I became a registered nurse because I wanted to do my part to help a patient in their time of need. That is certainly what I enjoy the most about my job role, and that is/will be the case before, during, and after the pandemic.”

It has become both a professional and personal mission of Kimo to help his patients in times of need. We’re in awe and inspired by Kimo’s vision and thank thousands of professionals like him who go out of their way to support those that need it the most.

20220129_232913 - Chad Ranario (1).jpg

Betsy Camacho

Cleaning Staff
WeWork Management LLC

Betsy Camacho is part of the cleaning staff over at the WeWork space in the Boston area. Her job involves cleaning, stocking, and supplying designated facility areas. Betsy ensures the facility areas are well maintained with routine inspection and daily sanitization.

Like everyone, the pandemic hit hard for Betsy. She started to suffer from stress due to the uncertainty. While it is was important for her to carry out her job, she worried about contracting the coronavirus.

However, Betsy decided to still show up for work as someone had to take responsibility to ensure the health and safety of everyone at the facilities. By ensuring office spaces were regularly sanitized, Betsy played her part in preventing the spread of the disease while putting herself at risk to help the community.

“A lot of people stop me in the halls to say thank you since I am trying to keep our community safe. It makes you feel good to know the people appreciate your work while you keep them safe,” expressed joyous Betsy.

To Betsy and many like her, thank you for keeping all of us safe and secure. You’re the ones who keep us going every day!

#RealHeroes is an ongoing series. We're highlighting a new hero every week. Check back often to discover new stories or use our nomination form to submit an entry.

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