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Celebrating All the Sung and Unsung Heroes

As March begins, we at OrbisPay want to acknowledge the contributions of thousands of Americans who are serving or have served their communities resiliently. They are the true heroes who are empowering people while impacting societies.

We believe that true success lies in people's empowerment, either through making them financially resilient or creating growth opportunities for them or standing up for their rights. OrbisPay stands with all the impact makers working to create a difference.

Let's look at more impact makers and start the month of March by recognizing these influencers, serving communities in their specific niches, and deserve to be cherished 365 days throughout the year.

Kimberly Bryant: Founder of Black Girls Code

Kimberly Bryant is an African American technologist and an engineering leader, listed as one of the most influential people in technology. She is known for breaking barriers two at a time. She proves that African American ladies can achieve distinguished roles in STEM fields that are often predominantly Caucasian and that women of color make up less than 3% of the workforce.

Bryant did not allow herself to be taken aback and stood up to create a difference.

Image Credit: US Chamber of Commerce

Bryant was born in Memphis, TN, in 1967 to a single parent during the nation’s grip with Civil Rights. She excelled at mathematics and science, found fascination with technology, and confessed to being a nerdy girl by choice. She earned a scholarship and graduated from Vanderbilt University with a major in Electrical Engineering and minors in Computer Science and Mathematics.

Bryant began her career with impressive giants like Westinghouse Electric and DuPont. She soon shifted towards pharmaceuticals and worked for Pfizer, Merck, Genentech, Novartis, and Diagnostics.

However, in 2011, Bryant's daughter expressed her interest in computer programming but couldn't find the appropriate opportunities for her daughter. That’s when the idea of the Black Girls Code struck.

Black Girls Code is a non-profit organization that Kimberly founded, to provide education, experience, and resources to girls of color. The organization aims to teach 1 million Afro-American girls to code by 2040. Bryant now serves on the Board of National Girls Collaborative Project; a non-profit focused on guiding and encouraging girls to pursue rewarding work with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

If you’re inspired by Kimberly Bryant’s mission to teach African American girls to code and pursue a future in STEM, visit and check back often with the Black Girls Code to learn more and see how you can help.

Abigail Dillen: President at Earthjustice

The earth needs a good lawyer, and Earthjustice is the environmental law organization ready to fight and win in court. Behind many precedent-setting cases, Earthjustice and Abigail Dillen stand tall in their success. Earthjustice is a collaborative network of analysts, policy experts, scientists, and other professionals dedicated to standing on the frontline and fighting for the environment.

Image Credit:

Abbie joined Earthjustice when she was 26 years old with Yale and UC Berkeley under her law belt. That year, she went on a hike with a colleague, and the park they visited awakened her senses and inspired awe.

Abbie’s colleague told her that all the land in the park was destined to be destroyed until Earthjustice stepped up and saved this piece of paradise. The prompt action of Earthjustice led to the preservation of an entire ecosystem and all its wildlife.

Before becoming the President of Earthjustice, Dillen served as the Vice President of Litigation for Climate & Energy and achieved a 100% transition from fossil fuels to clean energy. She has fought and won multiple cases that have set standards and broken barriers and resulted in protected wildlands, cleaner air, and the rise of clean energy. With the power of law, Earthjustice has saved species from extinction and has secured legal limits on some of the largest pollution-producing industries in the country.

To maximize impact, Earthjustice serves hundreds of public interest clients, with high-level representation, for free. Dillen believes law is the greatest tool for change. She and the talented lawyers that serve at Earthjustice are motivated to use their knowledge and skillset to defend the earth and its communities from harm and destruction.

You can learn more about the cause of Abigail Dillen on LinkedIn at:

Bobby William Austin: President at Neighborhood Associates

Dr. Austin is listed as a leader who positively impacted the face of academia and is a leading scholar on African-American men. Dr. Austin was the first to fund significant initiatives and programs for African American men under the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

Image Credit: The Neighborhood Associates

Born in 1944 in Bowling Green, KY, Austin pursued a fruitful education. He quickly earned a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Economics from Western Kentucky University. He followed this with a Master's in Sociology at Fisk University and a Ph.D. from McMaster University.

As the first-ever African American academic faculty member, Dr. Austin began his career as a full-time educator at Georgetown University.

Throughout his career, he developed many programs, paths, and events for men of color to reconnect with their communities in positive and compassionate ways. Austin utilizes education, social development, and philanthropy to impact the educational and economic opportunities for African American men and boys.

Today, Dr. Austin is a renowned author, lecturer, and sociologist. He is currently serving as the President of Neighborhood Associates Corporation and Director of Think Tank.

If you’re inspired by Dr. Austin’s vision of repairing the breach between African American boys and the community, visit and check back often with the Neighborhood Associates to see how you can help.

Celebrations- Summed Up!

In continuation with our Real Heroes Campaign and recognizing the contributions of African Americans, we at OrbisPay, are grateful to all the sung and unsung heroes who are creating an impact in society and are working hard to make this world a better place.

It’d be an honor for us to support and join hands with hundreds and thousands of heroes like Kimberly Bryant, Abigail Dillen, and Dr. Austin and to play our part in empowering people across the US and making them financially resilient.

If you know someone whom you think is creating a positive impact in society, feel free to fill out his/her details here.


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