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Having your salary available to you as you earn it could be the difference between fixing your boiler immediately when it breaks or waiting half a month to get it done in the dead of winter.

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We know if you need cash now, you want it immediately available. So, Orbispay allows you to access your earned wages instantly using state of the art technology.

Orbispay gives you early access to cash as soon as you’ve earned it. Money advanced to you is provided by Orbispay, not by your employer.
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Easy setup

We made Orbispay super easy to use. Our goal is to give you access to money worry free. So, we made sure there is no stress getting the service up and running. From onboarding, setting up banking, to getting your first advance, it should take less than 5 minutes. We clocked it at 4 minutes!

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No matter how mundane or exciting your goals are, Orbispay helps you reach them. Quickly. Just set a deadline and let Orbispay calculate how much you need to set aside – and we’ll set it aside for you too!

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